Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Characters That Inspire(d) Me to Read!

I got this idea while watching a BookTube video from a new channel I subscribed to called Jesse the Reader. So thank you Jesse the Reader for giving me this idea! These characters will be from books and television shows. 

1. Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter book - and movie - series by J. K. Rowling!)

Hermione was awesome. Period. And I think reading was a big part of that. I once read an interview where J. K. Rowling said she loved writing Hermione because when someone asked her how she knew something it could just be "I read it in a book." Or they would just assume she read it somewhere. Reading is a great way to gain knowledge and Hermione certainly did this. My mom would often say I reminded her of Hermione and that was largely because Hermione was always reading!

2. Rory Gilmore (from Gilmore Girls - one of my favorite shows!)

Rory ALWAYS had a book with her! Or something to read! At a school dance she brought the fiction issue of The New Yorker (I believe it was The New Yorker) with her! Again, my mom compares me to her all the time. There were also other similarities. Mainly reading though. She especially loved to read classics, I noticed. Which drove me to read classics. She is definitely part of my reading inspiration!

3. James "Sawyer" Ford (from Lost - my all time favorite show!!)

Sawyer is a bad boy. That is for sure. He can also be a jerk and a pain-in-the-you-know-what but he does have more to him and his character develops (but that is for a different blog post.) One of the most unexpected things you find out about Sawyer - it was certainly unexpected to me - is that Sawyer is a bookworm. And I LOVE that! It is such an unexpected element I think! And he reads a lot on the island! I would love to read everything Sawyer read on the island in my life! that's a good challenge! A couple of the books he read that I decided to read because I saw Sawyer reading them (hey, I love his character) are Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume (no, I have not read this The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (I've read something by her before and was thinking of reading this, but this cinched it) and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Sawyer's favorite book). The fact that someone who you would never expect to be a reader is an avid reader is certainly an inspiration to read!

4. Desmond David Hume (also from Lost!)

Desmond love to read too! There were a lot of books in that hatch! (I'm not telling you what 'the hatch' is). His favorite author was Charles Dickens! He was saving one of Charles Dickens' books - I believe it was Our Mutual Friend - to read before he died. Which, about this,  I agree with the person who said "Nice thought. If you know when you're gonna die." I've only read one of Charles Dickens' books. That was Great Expectations (which I loved!) but I have wanted to read more and Desmond just inspired me even more to do that!

5. Schuyler Van Alen (from the Blue Bloods book series by Melissa De La Cruz!)

I really love the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz. In this series, Schuyler Van Alen really loves to read. She was alone a lot and her books kept her company. This reminds me of myself too. My books kept me company, they were my friends too. Seeing that we share that and that she loves to read too makes her another character that inspires me to read!

What about you? Do any characters inspire you to read? Who are they? Have you not thought about it yet? Think about and let me know in the comments! :) I would love to hear which characters inspire you to read! 

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