Monday, July 19, 2021

Interview with Fantasy and Paranormal author Karen Tomlinson | We Talk Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing, Tips, Movies, Music and More!!


I had a blast talking to Karen on this interview!! We talked about so much stuff; writing, editing, self publishing, Fantasy, Paranormal, outlining, marketing, struggles as an author, music, shows, movies, and more!! I honestly can't even remember it all. What I do remember is having a blast doing it, AND Karen also gave some of the most tangible advice on the podcast for anyone wishing to go down the self-publishing/indie route. Lots of good advice and gems in here you DO NOT want to miss!! It's a long episode, but a great one!! It's impossible to pick favorites out of my interviews, but this one is up there for sure. <3 Check out ALL the places you can find Karen online below. There are a lot, so you can be sure to follow her somewhere!! LISTEN BELOW. :)  
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