Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting New Features on the Blog!

I've been thinking lately about starting new features on my blog. And participating in others' features. So, I believe it was last night, I came up with ideas for a couple of my own features. Of course, I wanted to start them right then and there, but it was getting past my bedtime. :) So I would have to save the announcement for tomorrow - today that is. Let me begin by listing the features others have started (intentionally or unintentionally) that I will be participating in.

1. SWOON Thursday (started by YA Bound)

This is a feature where if the book you're reading has any "swoon-worthy" moments, you post that moment on your blog. (They also do this over on Twitter. But there it has 140 characters or less, so on your blog you can post the longer version.) I've participated in this a couple of times and I'm going to start participating more. How Often? - Whenever there is a Swoon Worthy moment I feel like posting. On Thursdays. Provided I remember.

2. Waiting On Wednesday (started by Breaking the Spine)

In this feature you post a book that you are eagerly awaiting. :) Pretty simple. But fun. :) How often? - Whenever there is a book I cannot wait to read. On Wednesdays.

3. Teaser Tuesday (started by Should Be Reading)

In Teaser Tuesday you open the book you're reading and post one or two teaser sentences (but keep them spoiler free.)  How Often? - When I'm reading a new book and a Tuesday rolls around. 

4. In My Mailbox (started by Book Journey)

In My Mailbox is a feature where you show the books you got recently (or not so recently). How Often? - Whenever I feel like posting new books I got. On Sundays.

5. It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (started by Book Journey)

This is a feature where you post the book you are currently reading. Some blogs I've seen also include   the book(s) they've just finished and the book(s) they're going to read next. How Often? - When I'm reading a new book and a Monday rolls around.

6. Saturday Snapshot (started by At Home With Books now hosted by West Metro Mommy)

Here, you post pictures from your week, your life, etc. How Often? - One of those "when-I-feel-like-posting-one" features.

6. Random Book Fact (started by Book Rants)

In this feature you posted a random fact about a book or author. On Book Rants these are sometimes made up. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do that yet. If I do, the post will also say "Can you spot the fake fact?" How Often? - This one will be one of those "when-I-feel-like-posting-one" features.

7. Favorite Book Quotes (started by Book Rants)

This one you just post your favorite book quotes. The way I'll be doing this is either posting from the book I'm currently reading, have just finished or a book I've finished in the past that has quotes that I love. How Often? - When I a reading a book that has great quotes I want to share or I feel like sharing quotes from books I've read in the past.

8. Book of the Month (started by ME :) - {inspired by a blog I ran across but I can't find it :( }

In this feature I've started I will spotlight a book each month that I think was beautiful, poignant, raw, gritty, "real", spine tinglingly possible, or just simply amazing. Feel free to join in! I'll find a way you can link yours to mine! How Often - I'm thinking maybe the first week of each month.

9. Character of the Month (started by ME :)

Here, I'll highlight and talk about a character I love. Characters are often what keep me reading, so they're very close to my heart and it makes sense I would spotlight characters. Again, feel free to join in! I'll find a way to link your posts to mine! How Often? - I'm thinking maybe the third week of each month.

Here they are! So what do you think of the features I'll try to be participating in and the ones I'm starting? Let me know! :)

<3 Amanda Leigh

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