Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini Review ~ First Aid for a Teenager's Soul: quotes compiled by Marc Anello, illustrations by Amy Dietrich


Title: First Aid for a Teenager's Soul
Author: quotes compiled by Marc Anello, illustrations by Amy Dietrich
Release Date: January 1st 1999
Published By: Peter Pauper Press
Page Amount: 80 pages, hardcover

This little book is filled with words of wisdom and quotes from various famous authors and celebrities. A little 24k gold plated charm is included with the book.

Yes, I know I am not a teenager. :) I got this book when I was a teenager. I flipped through it reading quotes here and there but never sat down to read all of it until a couple of days ago. I love books like this. Books with quotes collected in them. (And having artwork enhances it.) This one is targeted towards teenagers but I think people older than their teenage years can enjoy it too. Perhaps even younger readers. (In their pre-teen years. 10 and up maybe? Maybe even younger than that. Children may need to hear these things too.)

It is split into sections: Introduction. Be What You Feel. You're Not In This By Yourself. Believe It - It Becomes Real.

I think many people could relate to many of the quotes in this book. The quotes in "Be What You Feel" are about being yourself. Something many of us have trouble with as teenagers but we may still have trouble with today.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book:

"I [don't] want to be the next anybody. I [want] to be the first me!" - Natalie Imbruglia

"People who don't want to weather some of the rough periods miss out on something even better." - Lisa Niemi

"I think that you are serving others when you share pieces of yourself with other people." - Angel Grant

"[Nelson Mandela] told me that people should use their power, whatever it is, to help others." - Naomi Campbell 

"Talking helps alleviate the sadness. It helps you understand how you feel and find a way to resolve your problems." - Rita Garon, clinical social worker

"Persistence is the key. Determination, hard work and good intentions are all brought together with persistence. Ignore the pessimists who want to bring you down and stand in the way of your dreams." Joe McCullaugh

"Just think love." - Lauryn Hill 

As I said, I love books of quotes. This is another great one. Although this says it's for teenagers I would recommend this to anyone. 5 stars!

<3 Amanda Leigh

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