Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Post of Many Random Things

I know I haven't been updating this blog as much as I should. There has been a lot going on, believe me, a lot. I'll tell you all when it's all done. 

I've been posting a lot of book blitz and promo posts for books lately. There has been one post within the last seven that haven't been that. That one was addressing the fact that that day was the birthday of the main character in my upcoming YA/NA crossover novella. It also had a teaser picture. To see that one go here: http://girlwithapenandadream.blogspot.com/2014/06/today-is-sam-ramsdens-birthday-and.html  Also, in that post, if you comment wishing Sam (the main character) a happy birthday you will automatically be entered into a future giveaway where you could win an annotated copy of My Heart is Yours, the book that Sam stars in. :) 

What else? I've told you that I finished the draft of another novel. That one is a YA novel. It's a paranormal, thriller, romance. The other day I started book two in the series because I just couldn't  wait. I had other writing projects I could be working on, but I did that.... Anyway, I wrote the first 270 words. I know so much about this world and the characters and I just want to dive in. I know one main character incredibly well. One of those characters where you don't really need to think about what they'll say next, you know? 

I am so excited for My Heart is Yours to come out. I have to the last round of edits. These edits are incredibly mundane and I am avoiding doing the,m but I have to. If I want to see this book in print, I have to. And I really want to see this book in print. 

I'm thinking of redoing my blog... but that may not be for a while. When I say redo I mean design wise. Content will still be the type that is now. If you want to see different content from me (about my personal life, medical experiences, my fiancĂ© and I, DIYs, music reviews, food/recipes, inspiration, etc.) please go here: http://lifeofachronicbibliophile.blogspot.com  

I have to write more poems. For a couple of reasons. Well, a few reasons. I'm submitting poems to this magazine run by a church and their first issue is going to be about spring and new life. I had exactly one poem about that. So I want to try to write another. Another reason is I want to submit poetry to poetry/literary magazines. Next, I would love to start getting my third poetry collection together. Last, I just haven't written a poem in a while and I really want to. 

I also want to write more in my journal. Do any of you keep a journal of any type? I would love to know. I love hearing about those things. :) I finished one in March that I had had since the previous June. I started another after that and finished it in May. That is the one I'm on now. I really need to write more in it. I love journaling. I started doing it regularly when I was eleven (now I'm 23) and now am on my 29th or 30th. (Of this type of journal, anyway). 

Lastly, I'm thinking of putting together a collection of my short stories. Another project...oh, boy.... ;) 

What about you guys? What has been going on with you? What have you been reading, writing or doing? Any thoughts on all of the random things I just shared? Let me know in the comments!! I would LOVE to know!! :) 

<3 Amanda Leigh

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