Thursday, October 10, 2019

Release Tour | Lips of an Angel by Adam Alexander

Lips of an Angel by Adam Alexander is LIVE!!

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Are the whispers of your guardian angel a blessing or a curse?

Riley’s just come out of a relationship torn apart by lies. While nursing her bruised heart she’s avoiding men at all cost.

Ethan’s convinced the cops aren’t even trying to find his brother’s killer. He doesn’t have time for love, not when his brother’s killer is still free.

When Riley meets a medium with a direct line to the angels, she’s intrigued. The more she listens to the voices of angels the more she learns of a dimension few know about.

But there is one angel that has a message only Riley can hear…

A message that will change her world forever…

Riley wants to know even more…

When Riley and Ethan meet, the attraction is instant, the romance undeniable. Regardless of being burned by love before they can’t ignore the connection. As their newfound love is explored Riley discovers her angel has one more message for her.

A message that will change everything.

If your guardian told you your future, would you listen?

Meet The Author:
Adam Alexander is a fascinating character in his own right. He always sees the good in everyone he meets, always looks for the upside of everything he sees, yet his mind is always looking far beyond what’s in front of him.  Behind each of his highly entertaining novels there’s a story, a theme, an experience or a snippet of a conversation that sent his highly creative mind on a mission of exploration to bring out another riveting novel.  In real life, he is a modest and humble individual, a self-professed introvert who is not afraid of the stage, large audiences or pubic speaking, with a wicked and dry sense of humour and a big heart for others. He’s a dedicated husband and father, and has recently confessed to being a dog lover. 

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