Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

I've been making resolutions ever since high school I think. Maybe a bit earlier than that. I didn't actually keep any of them until my 2011 resolutions. Because I made them more like specific goals. I did the same thing for this new year of 2012! 

So here they are, my New Year's Resolutions/Goals 2012:
1. Read 17 books in 2012.
2. Finish the first draft of my novel.
3. Edit my novel.
4. Send out queries to agents and publishers.
5. Set up an Etsy shop.
6. Practice yoga at least once a week.

For some reason, I think number 6: "Practice yoga at least once a week" will be the hardest to stick to. 

As for my blog, it's still fairly new and I'd like to make it better. I want to do more reviews, and I would love to start to receive books for review. I want to participate in more memes and would be absolutely ecstatic to do interviews with authors, writers, agents, editors, publishers and so on. 

The first review I desperately must do is of Four Houses by Tori Scott. I've been saying I would do a review for too long now. So my next post better be a review of Four Houses! 

<3 Amanda Leigh


  1. Good luck on # 6! I've never done Yoga, myself, and I don't think I will be in the future. I'm more of a treadmill kind of girl.

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know I read your prose peice about the girl who cut herself. It reminded me a lot of a story I wrote. When you get a moment, I invite you to visit my author site to check it out. It's called NUMB. (

    Oh, and I found your blog through Bookblogs.

    Happy writing!

    1. Haha thank you! I've done Yoga a few times and enjoyed it. Sticking to it will be the hardest part. I used to jog on the treadmill in physical therapy. I liked it because I could read while I jogged. Oh, I hope you liked the story. I wrote it several years ago in high school. I've been thinking of working with it again and expanding it into something longer. I visited your site and your story NUMB is open on my computer at the moment. I'll be sure to read it. Are you on Bookblogs as well? I just joined. Happy New Year and Happy Writing to you too!

  2. Great list! Good luck with your novel! Thanks for following my blog, Amanda :) I'm now following you!

    1. You're very welcome. Thank you for following mine!
      And thank you for the good luck wish on my novel! :)

  3. Hey Amanda, just found your blog. I actually wrote a blog post about my first time trying Yoga, as it was an experience worth writing about! :) You're welcome to read it here if you'd like:

    Also, what would sell at your Etsy shop? I love crafts. I'm a crocheter, knitter and sewer--and not very good at any of them! lol

    Good New Year Resolutions! I completely forgot to do mine. Think it's too late, now that we're one month in? ^___^

    1. Hey Fatuma! So sorry it took me so long to reply! I checked out your blog post on trying Yoga! Sounds like quite the experience! lol Some things look just impossible to do though haha.

      At my Etsy shop, I'd sell my art pieces. I paint, draw, make cards, and am really into photography. Though it would mainly be photography. Once I do get it started I'll put the link up here somewhere. Lol well I tried to learn how to crochet, hasn't worked out yet!

      Thanks! I'm hoping to get all mine done! No, I don't think it's too late at all! You have all 12 months to do them! lol Go for it!