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Interview with Kristine Raymond | Author of Finn-agled (A Finn's Finds Mystery)

Amanda: Give us a quick introduction to you. Published books, what you write, etc.
Kristine: It wasn’t until later in life that I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, an epiphany that occurred in 2013 when I sat down and began writing my first book, Here to Stay.  Sixteen books (in multiple genres) later, I’ve since added the title of podcasting host to my resume, launching Word Play with Kristine Raymond a year ago, thus assuring that I’ll never be idle.

To date, I’ve written a nine-book historical western romance series (Hidden Springs), a contemporary romance trilogy (The Celebration series), a collection of four, seasonally-themed stories (Seasons of Love), an erotic drama (Tempted), a short, non-fiction book about my first year as an indie author (‘write words’), and the first in the Finn’s Finds cozy mystery series (Finn-agled).

Favorite book you’ve published so far? 

Kristine: This is a trick question because they’re all my favorites.  But if I had to pick just one…it would be Finn-agled, my cozy mystery.
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Most fun character to write? Favorite character to write? (Because they can definitely be different. ;) ) Hardest to write?

Kristine: Finn Bartusiak (Finn-agled) is the most fun to write, hands down. She’s quirky, feisty, and fiercely loyal to her family, friends, and Basset Hound, not necessarily in that order.

Jack Tanner (Hearts on Fire, though he appears in all of the Hidden Springs books) is my favorite character to date, though now that I think about it, he shares a lot of the same traits with Finn.  He’s smart, funny in a wise-cracking sort of way, and loyal to a fault.

I haven’t come across any characters yet that are difficult to write. I think because they’re so much fun to create.

Did you like to read as a child? Favorite book? Do you still have that book or reread it now?

Kristine: I LOVED to read as a child.  My earliest memories are of being read to, either by my mom or my older sister.  I have too many favorites to pick one and, yes, I do still own and re-read them.  Here are a few – the Little House on the Prairie books, the Misty books, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Baby Island, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, and so many more.  Oh, and I still read Nancy Drew once in a while.

Have you always been a writer/storyteller? How did you start?

Kristine: On some level, probably, because these stories have been inside of me for my entire life, but have I written since childhood?  No.  I decided to try writing a book on a whim back in 2013, just to see if I could.  I had no idea that one story would lead to a series of nine, or that more and more ideas and characters would pop into my head.

Do you write to music? If so, what kind? I love to hear about new music!

Kristine: No.  I need it to be absolutely quiet while I write, which is a challenge when surrounded by furbabies…lol.

I know for me, there have been some funny stories since I’ve been deep in the trenches of writing. Like a realization about a work in progress or characters (the funniest has to do with the song Mirrors by JT.) Do you have any funny stories that you’d like to share?

Kristine: I think the funniest story (though it wasn’t at the time) was when I was so entrenched in the book I was writing that I forgot to pay the car insurance and our policy was cancelled.  I was able to get it reinstated, but now make it a priority to pay the bills before opening my manuscript…lol.

Do you have a typical process or any writing rituals? Anything you have to have with you while writing? (Besides computer, paper, typewriter, whichever…) Kristine: No specific rituals or food/drink, anything like that.  I do write on a desktop computer which means I’m in my office for a good part of the day.  And I’ve already mentioned that I need it quiet.  As long as the characters are talking to me, I’m good.

Who is a character that has influenced you (not from your books)?

Kristine: In one form or another, I think every character I read influences me. They feel real to me, like they’re my friends (or enemies) and the plots are mini-vacations, even if they are imaginary.

Amanda: Which of your characters would you least want to go on a road trip with? Why? Most want to?
Kristine: Agnes Rothschild and Melinda Sue Perkins from the Hidden Springs series, and JoJo Halpern from Finn-agled would not make good traveling companions.  On the other hand, for a girls’ trip I’d choose Roxie Malone from Under the Mistletoe (The Celebration series), Chloe Mancuso from Snowflakes in Winter (Seasons of Love), and Finn Bartusiak from Finn-agled.  Now, THAT would be fun!!

Top three favorite books and authors right now. 

Kristine: Favorite books – Bits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer, Dead Run by PJ Tracy, and Watchers by Dean Koontz

Favorite authors
– PJ Tracy, Sandra Brown, and Dean Koontz

Favorite writing craft book?

Kristine: All of the ‘Thesaurus’ books by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi.  Oh, and Crime Scenes by Geoff Symon

This or that:
Strawberry vs. Chocolate - Caramel
Poetry vs. Fiction - Fiction
First draft vs. Editing – I edit as I go, so my first draft is my final draft
T. V. Show vs. Movie – depends on what I’m watching
Book vs. Movie – in most cases, book
Hero vs. Villain – Hero, though every story needs a good villain
Villain vs. Anti-Hero – Anti-Hero
Witch vs. Vampire – not a huge fan of either except for those depicted in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.  I mean, come on – Spike?  Hell, yeah.  And what’s not to love about Willow?
E-book vs. Physical Book  - Physical book
Tea vs. Coffee - Tea

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

Kristine: I’m currently working on the second book in the Finn’s Finds Mystery series titled Finn-icky Eaters

Any last comments to share? :)

Kristine: Thanks for the opportunity to interview with you.  It’s been fun! And, thanks to all of the readers out there who take a chance on my books.  Happy Reading.

About the Author 
It wasn’t until later in life that Kristine Raymond figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up, an epiphany that occurred in 2013 when she sat down and began writing her first book.  Sixteen books (in multiple genres) later, she’s added the title of podcasting host to her resume, thus assuring that she will never be idle.

When a spare moment does present itself, she fills it by navigating the publishing and promotional side of the business.  When not doing that, she spends time with her husband and furbabies (not necessarily in that order), reads, or binge-watches Netflix. 

Find out more about Kristine on her website at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and BookBub

And for links to podcast episodes, guest posts, and other great stuff, check out Word Play with Kristine Raymond at

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