Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!! + Happy Book Birthday Beauty of the Dark BoxSet!!

Happy Halloween!! All Hallow's Eve!! Samhain!!

Halloween is my very favorite holiday and most likely my very favorite day of the year. Ever since I was a little girl and trick or treated as Minnie Mouse in the hospital. It was the first Halloween I was able to trick or treat, but I was in the hospital. So a bunch of parents and some nurses gathered up the kids on the pediatric ward and we went trick or treating around the hospital. From the stories I've heard, we did indeed get band aides and gauze pads. 😂 My dad ran out to a store to get me a costume. There was a little Halloween party. I don't remember it, really, because I was two, but I do have a very vague, wispy memory of that Halloween party.

I take Halloween off. I always take Halloween off. Well, since I've been working from home. I like to watch favorite Halloween movies, listen to spooky music (or maybe just listen to Thriller by Michael Jackson on repeat), I hang out in my costume most of the day. The I go to my Aunt Sue's with my mom and we hang out in our costumes and have dinner and hand out candy to the kids who come trick or treating, It's amazing, it's my favorite holiday, my favorite day. I love it, I love, I LOVE it!!

Which is a big part of the reason why, last year, I wanted to release the Beauty of the Dark boxset ON Halloween. I'd known I wanted to release a book on Halloween and that boxset seemed perfect. Vampires, witches, demons, spooky, magic, murder, mayhem, romance, New It was just absolute perfection. Today, Halloween 2019, is the Beauty of the Dark boxset's first book birthday!! Today is the LAST DAY to get it on SALE for $3.99!! Usually $7.99 you can get all three full length novels plus an exclusive bonus short story, for the price of ONE of the e-books. So be sure to get that today since it is the last day!! Get it HERE.

For anyone wondering, I have been a witch for Halloween in some shape or form since I was 12 years old. Clearly, I quite like witches. And I always make my cat, Sawyer, take a picture with me. He is my familiar, after all. ;)

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