Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Review ~ The Madness Vase by Andrea Gibson


Title: The Madness Vase
Author: Andrea Gibson
Release Date: July 1st 2011
Published By: Write Bloody Publishing
Page Amount: 120 pages, Paperback 

GoodReads Blurb:
In 2010 Andrea Gibson's poetry was read by a state representative in lieu of morning prayer at the Utah State Legislature. In THE MADNESS VASE, her second book of poems, Gibson seizes us by the collar, hauls us inside some of her darkest moments, then releases us out the other side. The pieces in this collection delve intimately into the topics of family, war, sex, class, gender, and spirituality. They are a rally cry for action and a welcome mat at the door of heart's most compassionate room. 

I saw this collection of poetry in a BookTuber's review. I think she's now known as JournalTree on YouTube. I was intrigued so I ordered myself a copy (along with a book on writing poetry that I think I'll read in 2016.) I really enjoyed this collection of poetry. It dealt with some very important issues like LGBTQ and gender identity. Andrea Gibson faced them head on, along with things like war, sex, spirituality. She isn't afraid to face these things and write about them with honesty. Unafraid of what society may think of what she's written. 

My favorites in this collection were:
- Andrew

- I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power's Out

- Marriage 

- The Jewelry Store 


Her poetry was very abstract but also somehow concrete at the same time in her message. The imagery was terrific, as well. I enjoyed this collection of poetry and would definitely look for Andrea Gibson's other works. 4 quills. 


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