Monday, December 7, 2015

Book Blitz ~ Always and Forever by Bethan Cooper


Always and Forever 

Bethan Cooper

Release date: 27th November 


Part Two Of The Always Series 

Luke & Ella's Conclusion to their epic love story 

Ella Stone is now twenty- four years old. 

She’s no longer a prisoner of depression. 
But she is, lost in a world she created herself. 
She works at an advertising agency, and spends her nights sleeping with men. 
She sleeps with them to forget, to forget her summer with Luke James. 

She dreams of the day her always will be back. 

How could he ever come back, if he was engaged and in love with someone else? 

Two years through college, Luke James became a success. 
With his own business, and a thriving bank account, he loses himself within that world and wants to find his own perfection. 

But his idea of perfection is hiding right beside him. 

Fate wants to cross paths and turn their lives upside down. 

So it does, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake... 

This novel contains some scenes that may upset readers. Including self harm, depression, anxiety and domestic violence.





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