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Short Story Review ~ Last Day of Love: A Teardrop Story (Teardrop #0.5) by Lauren Kate

Title: Last Day of Love: A Teardrop Story (Teardrop #0.5)
Author: Lauren Kate
Release Date: December 10th 2013 (first published January 1st 2013)
Published By: Delacorte Press
Page Amount: 50 pages, e-book

GoodReads Blurb:
On Ander's eighteenth birthday, he must give up all that he loves in order to complete the Passage and become a Seedbearer. But can he ever relinquish his love for Eureka?

An exclusive e-book original short story from the dark, romantic world of TEARDROP.

(I read this in 2013 but am posting this review in 2014).

I'm a fan of Lauren Kate's Fallen series and I saw that she had a new series out. I wasn't sure that I wanted to rush out and buy the book right away though. So when I saw that there was a prequel I thought "Oh, that's great! I'll read that!" You know, that way I could see if the series was something that I found interesting and wanted to pursue reading. 

I found myself really enjoying this short story. It also has the first two chapters of Teardrop but I only read about the first page or so. This short story is told in first person point of view from Ander's perspective. From what I can tell, Teardrop is in third person point of view and shifts viewpoints. This short story, however, is a glimpse into Ander's mind before Teardrop starts. I enjoyed Ander's voice and the I found the imagery to be very good as well. Also, the emotions that Ander was feeling were so well conveyed. I could really feel them. Ander and the supporting characters were pretty well developed. Which is a difficult feat in a novel length work, let alone a short story. 

You learn a lot of background about Ander and his family. The series could be read without reading this short story, but I think if you can you definitely should. I think that this short story really will add to the series as a whole. Knowing background about Ander and what he has to do will likely make me look at the series in a different way. So, if you are considering reading this series (or you already are) I would say definitely read this short story as well if you can. It will add a different dimension to the series. I give this one 4 stars!

<3 Amanda Leigh

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