Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book Review ~ For the Famished by Daniel Klawitter


Title: For the Famished
Author: Daniel Klawitter
Release Date: November 8th 2013
Published By: CreateSpace
Page Amount: 50 pages, paperback

GoodReads Blurb:
This collection promises to nourish those readers hungry for a contemporary poetry that avoids postmodern obfuscation in favor of intelligent accessibility, charm, wit, and lyrical sympathy. 

For The Famished is Daniel's third poetry chapbook and also includes an insightful review of his first book by John W. May and an interview the author did with Robert King of the Colorado Poets Center.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. 

I very much enjoyed this collection of poetry. I read this cover to cover in one night; in one sitting. I found that Daniel Klawitter's poems were very approachable yet retained a lyrical quality to the writing. I was impressed by the author's use of rhyme. Klawitter really has some amazing ways of rhyming words. And what I mean by this is, what he rhymes a word with is not what you would expect; it is not the obvious choice at all. It is not even the second, third or fourth most obvious choice. They are rather obscure rhymes but rhymes that work beautifully. I have much respect for a poet who can pull something like that off. Also, Klawitter uses slant rhyme and internal rhyme in his poems to wonderful effect. It makes the poems have a smooth quality that someone who is not aware of things such as slant and internal rhyme will not realize why this is. (And the only reason I do is that I studied poetry in several college classes). Another technique that was used often was alliteration. This helped to give the poems a lyrical quality to them. Klawitter also successfully uses form to his advantage. 

When it comes to the variety of poetry in this collection, these poems run the gamut. There are serious poems and ones that are much lighter. It is a good balance of each in this collection with poems that are in between these. I read in a review - in the back of this book - that described some of Klawitter's poems as "heavy light verse". Discussing heavy subjects in light verse. I think that this technique can be used to much success. Klawitter does all of these very well in this collection. I would recommend this to any fan of poetry. As well as to anyone who has been wanting to get into poetry and is looking for where to start. A definite 4 stars! 

<3 Amanda Leigh

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