Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Am in Awe of Evangeline Lilly's Writing

I am a HUGE fan of the television show LOST. I was on Facebook the other day and Facebook suggested that I like Evangeline Lilly's page (she played Kate Austin on LOST). Of course, I clicked on her website link. When I saw a page called "Musings" I had to check it out and see if it was a blog. It was. The first post that I come upon is a post about the book The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (by the way, I most definitely want this book now). I was excited enough that this post conveyed that she loved to read but this post was also beautifully written. When describing the book she says "...every paragraph seemed to know itself better, and sing a little prettier, than the last."  How beautiful is that? It also sums up how I feel about my so many of my favorite books.

After reading this, I looked to the categories. Evangeline Lilly's blog is split into five categories: Watching, Reading, Doing, Feeling, Writing. WRITING? I immediately clicked on that. She likes writing too?! Well, she is certainly good at it. And here, I found out that she debuted her first book at Comic Con! She had a book signing at Comic Con! (By the way, is that one of the coolest places you've heard of to have a book signing?) It turns out that she had always wanted to be an author. I did some research and found out that she had published a children's book called The Squirckerwonkers. Further research told me that this was based on something that Evangeline Lilly wrote when she was fourteen that her mom had been encouraging her to try and publish it ever since.

Then I saw that on her website there was a link to The Squickerwonkers website. Of course, I had to see what this was all about. The first I checked to see if the book was available. Sadly, it is not right now. It's sold out. the copies she sold at Comic Con were limited edition, early copies. So instead, I clicked on the preview. (Also, I must mention that the art in this book is exquisite). I was intrigued by what I read and I believe in the foreword it was praised (I can't remember who by) as "magical". I just knew that I had to have this book. I went ahead and signed up for the Squircker Club and Squircker News. I'm eagerly awaiting when this book will be available.

Evangeline Lilly has some of her writing posted on her blog, though so I read that to tide me over. One of these posts was entitled "The Meadow - Chapter 1". It was again, beautiful. I hope that she chooses to pursue publishing an adult book in the future. I would love to read that as well. 

Evangeline Lilly's blog:

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