Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yes, the title of this blog post is deceivingly simple. But the content will not be so simple. At least, to me it does not seem simple. Not at all. Now, it's a good thing. Don't get nervous.

I have wanted to be an author since I was eight years old. I've known for a while that this would be what I would be doing. Writing is such a great love of mine. It has been since even before I could write. I would make up stories and either tell them to my mom who would write them down (I would then proceed to draw the pictures) or I would act these stories out with my dolls. When I learned to write by myself I steadily kept a notebook. Now, this did have to do with school. We had to keep Writer's Notebooks. All throughout elementary school. Once I got to third grade I wrote in this notebook more than was required. (Which I am pretty sure thrilled my teacher. Also, I will talk about this teacher in another post because she certainly has a part in my journey of becoming an author). When I got to sixth grade, I got my first "real" diary and started to keep a steady journal that was not assigned for school purposes. I have been keeping a steady journal ever since and now twenty-four to show for it. And I wrote stories and poems all throughout middle school, high school and college. 

So, writing and story-telling have always been big parts of my life. When I was fourteen I wrote in a paper that I wanted to have a book published by the time that I was twenty. Well, that was much closer than I thought. But I did have a book published a month after I turned twenty-one. Thousands of Mornings, a colkection of original poetry and photography. I believe that this meant I had achieved my goal. I was only a month off. I think it's so incredible an wonderful that I did it. I did it.

And now, I have my second poetry collection out. Holiday Hospital Stay Poetry Collection 2012. I've put a giveaway up of this book on GoodReads. There are five copies available. Fifty-six people have entered the giveaway! Fifty-six! Fifty-six people actually took time to enter a giveaway for my book. That is so phenomenal to me. Truly amazing. Remarkable. I don't have enough adjectives. AND the book is now on the To-Read List of thirty people. Again, remarkable. People are actually interested in what I have to say. I feel that, this is one of the things that you strive for most as a writer. And it is just remarkable to me that this is all happening. It is truly a dream come true.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you all have a wonderful day and that you never forget your wonderful dreams! 

<3 Amanda Leigh

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