Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And Now, Let 2013. . . BEGIN!!!! (Plus - Sneak Peek Into My Work In Progress)

Who gets the subtle Harry Potter reference? It's from the 4th movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Anyway, moving on.

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2013! I can't be;iev it and I'm so excited!This post is to show you all what my Resolutions/Goals are for 2013. It's an ambitious year. But I'll do it all this year, I will. On to my list.

1. Read at least 20 books in 2013. (Work from my list.)
2. Get my "Stay Gold" tatoo.
3. Finish the first draft of My Heart is Yours.
4. Edit My Heart is Yours.
5. Send My Heart is Yours out to literary agents and/or publishers.
6. Start selling my marinades and rubs.
7. Find or "make" another darkroom to use.
8. Organize my clothes and room.
9. Publish my second collection of poetry.
10. Make Thousands of Mornings available as an e-book.

Those are my resolutions/goals this year. I am going to do them all! I wrote a list of books to read this year too. And I'm determined to stick to it. In no particular order. I'll post that list later. Wish me luck on my resokutions.goals. Think I can do it? I do! :)

Now on to the sneak peek of one of my current works in progress. It is from the bovel I'm working on, My Heart is Yours. All it is is a picture. And I'm not saying anything about it except that it was my inspiration for something in the book. Here we go.

Okay, that's it for now guys. Bye! Have a great New Year's Day!
<3 Amanda Leigh


  1. Hmmmm, the title Plus the ring... what ever could it mean? :) great resolutions and I know you can definitely get them done! They're only just a teeeeny but difficult. Get to it, girlfriend!

    P.s. posted two short stories on my creative blog. Check it out?
    Oh. And my new "booktubing"ish blog. Lol I just love breaking all of the rules.

  2. You'll justt have to wait and see what it all means. ;) Thank you, I'm definitely on it!

    Awesome, I'll check out bith blogs! :) Welcome to "booktubing" lol