Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short Story Review: Four Houses by Victoria Scott

 Title: Four Houses
 Author: Victoria Scott
Release: eBook June 26, 2011

A young girl faced with four choices, must make a decision that will forever haunt her.

The door in front of me is the ugliest shade of plum I've ever seen. It's a prune Grandma would eat, a raisin on its last leg, a swollen bruise in the most inconvenient of places. 

The waiting is the worst part, wondering who will open the door. But this time the waiting is killing me, tearing me down piece by piece and devouring me with its insatiable jaws. 

I bite my lip and raise my hand to knock. 

I loved this story! Certainly one of the best I have read. I've read a few in my lifetime and it's hard to come across Young Adult Short Stories -unless I'm missing something and if I am please let me know. The writing in this story was poetic and lyrical yet still realistic. I could picture what was happening each step of the way. I'm legitimately getting chills up spine now just thinking about it. 
The way the story is formatted is also very unique. I will admit when I looked at the first page I was thrown off, but after reading it I have to say the format fits the story perfectly.
This story is about decisions. Decisions. . .a word often dreaded. Even the simplest ones can be so hard to make. When we have to make one that will affect us forever, it is even harder. The main character Victoria has created has to make arguably her biggest decision ever.
A wonderfully haunting beautiful story. Don't miss this one!  
Rating: 5 Stars!

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