Thursday, January 19, 2012

On Blogging, Classes, Writing and Being the Assistant Managing Editor of VOX

Hi everybody!

In this post I'm going to talk about blogging, classes, writing and being the Assistant Managing Editor of VOX. But not necessarily in that order. . .

Yesterday the Spring Semester started! I've been taking a class over the Winter Intersession that bleeds into the Spring Semester, so until the 31st I have five classes. My winter one is a Normative Ethics class. After that's over I'll have four classes. That's only because I have to take a science lab this semester. I chose Earth Science. Science is not really my thing, but it's part of the core curriculum. I find some of it interesting, I just can't do it - unless it's psychology. I'm excited to take an Adolescent Psychology class this semester! Especially since I write mainly in the YA genre. I would've taken the Young Adult Literature class too, but stupid science got in the way. grrr. I'll take it next Spring - well I better, I graduate next Spring, AAAA!!! Scary freakin' thought! The other two classes are Spanish. I do love Spanish, I'd just rather not take it in college since everything they're covering I learned in junior high lol. At least I'll probably get a good grade. Now, we finally come to the Literature class! The Native American Experience! I think this should be a great class. I've read some Sherman Alexie before and am excited to read more Native American authors.

Probably my favorite part of college is working on the campus literary magazine VOX. VOX is latin for "voice". I've worked on the literary magazine since my freshmen year. I started as Editorial Assistant for Poetry, sophomore year I was Co-Poetry Editor and this year I'm Assistant Managing Editor. Classes and VOX take up the majority of my time. Combined probably about 85-90%. I do a lot of stuff for VOX. And since I've been Assistant Managing Editor I've gotten much more involved in the business, finance and event planning side. Crazy thing is, I LOVE it! I LOVE doing this stuff! It's a ton of work but it's all worth it. I also get 3 credits of tuition remission back the university for working on VOX so that helps. Though I would do it even if I wasn't getting paid for it. VOX is the best part of going to Pace for me. I discovered that working on the editorial board of a literary magazine is something I'd like to do in real life. In addition to being an author. Or until I write those NY Times Bestsellers lol. Elections for next year are in March. Keep your fingers crossed I get Managing Editor!! Besides graduating while keeping my GPA over 3.0, that is my biggest goal for college!

I have found out that I really love blogging! I hope to do it more in 2012 and on. Now that I'm back in school I'll have to figure out how to make it fit into my schedule. Yesterday was only the first day so it's not that bad yet. But the work is already stacking up, plus the work I do on VOX. But I'm hoping to blog at the very least twice a week. And to try to participate in the memes Teaser Tuesday, SWOON Thursday,  and In My Mailbox. Plus put up more book reviews and hopefully interviews! 

I also have to carve out time in my schedule for writing my novel My Heart is Yours. I have Parts 1 and 2 written, so only Part 3 to go before the first draft is done. Wish me luck! Then on to editing! Then after that, on to querying! Again, wish me luck! lol.
Thanks for reading this very long post. Or heck, even for skimming it and reading the parts that interested you. I appreciate it! 
Have a great day everyone!

<3 Amanda Leigh

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