Monday, September 4, 2017

Book Review | The Elvis Presley I Knew by Robert C. Cantwell

Title: The Elvis Presley I Knew
Author: Robert C. Cantwell
Release Date: August 5th 2013
Page Amount: 175 pages, Kindle edition

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“I would have been duty-bound if I had recognized Elvis’ alleged drug abuse.”
Robert C. Cantwell

Elvis I knew was a superstar, authentic country gentleman and ‘unprejudiced’ that cherished being around those that regarded him as an ordinary person.


Yes, there were too many errors in this book for my taste. I think it could have benefited from being looked over one more time. However, the content of the book was really great. You got to hear more great stories about Elvis. The author spoke honestly about the person he knew. And my favorite thing about the book was that it showed Elvis as a normal person. I mean, he was and he wasn't. But this showed that under all of that he was a human being. He was wonderful but he still made mistakes. We're all human, we all do. So, even though this book had its share of errors I would still recommend it. 4 quills.

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