Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review | Broken by K. Webster

Title: Broken (Breaking the Rules #1)
Author: K. Webster
Release Date: January 19th 2014
Page Amount: 199 pages, Kindle edition

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GoodReads Blurb:

Andi has the perfect life. She is about to graduate with an Architecture degree and marry her-All American baseball star-fianc√©. When she catches him in bed with another woman, her world is turned upside down. Left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she takes on a new persona—a promiscuous one. This new role protects her heart from ever being broken again.

Andi now lives by a set of rules. The game? Sex with a new pawn every weekend. Every Friday, she sets her sight on a new sexy, successful man to play along—no strings attached, please. When Monday rolls around, she kicks them to the curb and moves on. It has helped her get through the pain of her past—that is, until she meets Jackson.

The mysterious Jackson is excited to play her game. He too has had his heart broken in the past and isn’t looking for a repeat. Eventually, hearts get involved and Andi wonders if the game is still worth playing.

Will she look for a new pawn or will she break the rules with Jackson?


My first K. Webster book was Zeke's Eden. The one that made me a K. Webster fan was Whispers and the Roars. The review for that one is coming. That one was amazing.

This, I believe, is her first published book. I decided to give it a read. It was also free so why not? It was good but not as good as K. Webster's later books. I definitely saw how she's grown as a writer and that was really cool. Her descriptions are a lot better now. Her writing is richer and more engaging. Here sometimes I was struggling to feel like I was with the characters. Which is the best way to feel when reading. Or that you are the characters. That you are them or you feel what they're feeling. Here I didn't really get that. And I felt like sometimes the sex scenes were not needed. I wasn't sure how much they moved the story forward. I enjoy K. Webster's later book a lot. I would give this one 3 quills, I think.

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