Monday, October 5, 2015

Cover Reveal ~ Ready When You Are (The Grayson's #2) by Melyssa Winchester

Ready When You Are
The Grayson’s #2
by Melyssa Winchester
Expected Publication Date: January 2016
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Drama

*Mature Content*


“Just a little fun” she said.
Yeah right.
Girls like her, they’re not built for fun.
An attitude sculpted by the devil but with a heart straight out of Heaven.
Those girls are only built for one thing.
There’s only one problem.
I want to give it to her and she wants nothing to do with it.
If what they say is true and all’s fair in love and war, Bethany better get ready.
I’m coming for her and I don’t intend to lose.
Let the fun begin.

It’s like this.
Get in, get off and get out.
No exceptions.
Getting in these days isn’t the problem.
It’s in the follow through where everything falls to shit.
I haven’t been able to get off or get out for six months.
Not since he made me believe I could be more than just a fuck and chuck.
Since Luke.
He’s changed me and now…
Nothing but a Grayson will do.


About The Author:

Melyssa is a mother of four from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
She’s currently working on standalone title Heroineas well as the seventh book in the Count On Me Series, Through The Storm.
When she’s not writing, you can find her buried under the covers with her portable DVD player, watching marathons of Supernatural and Veronica Mars. When those aren’t available, she can be found curled up in a corner with her e-reader and a plethora of books, falling in love with characters written so well she deems them her book boyfriends and girlfriends. If you want to find her, check Facebook or Twitter (@WinchesterBooks) as she may just have an addiction to both. If those don’t work you can always keep up with her progress on her personal site.

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