Saturday, October 26, 2013

Character of the Month! (#2)


This month my character of the month is Damon Salvatore! I love the character from the books so much. I know that most people know him from the television show and I love the Damon there too. I think that he is pretty spot-on to the character in the books.  

The Damon in the books is just as complex as the one in the show. He starts off just seeming like a jerk but when he meets Elena feelings begin to stir up in him. This is of course, just as in the show, because she looks like Katherine. However as he gets to know Elena he sees the ways that she is different from Katherine and is feelings grow for her. He always tries to protect her. Even if he is often a smart-alec and quite snippy. In time he even grows to care about her friend Bonnie. A certain protectiveness over her other friends sets in as well. His main concern is always Elena though. And he even begins to mend his relationship with his brother, Stefan. As twisted as some of the things he does/did are I believe that he believes that he is truly doing it all in the name of love. Whether that love is of his brother, or the love he has for Elena, or the friendship he has with Bonnie. Even some of the things he did in the beginning to get Katherine back. He also has had so much happen to him in his 500 some odd years on this Earth. His past is also very dark. He is all around a very dark, complex character. One who acts on love; no matter what the consequences may be. He would do anything to protect the people that he cares about.

Pretty similar to the Damon in the show. So that was my character of the month this month! He has been one of my favorites since I started reading The Vampire Diaries series. What are some of your favorite characters? 

<3 Amanda Leigh

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