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Book Review ~ Moments for Graduates by Robert Strand

Title: Moments for Graduates (Moments to Give)
Author: Robert Strand
Release Date: December 12th 1994 (first published February 1st 1994)
Published By: New Leaf Press (AR)
Page Amount: 80 pages, Hardcover


Perhaps the overwhelming irony of graduation is that all our knowledge often fails to prepare us for the pitfalls of the future. There is too much excitement, too much focus on relaxing from the years of work and achievement.

Moments for Graduates provides a look at true success stories (and some failures), ripe with humor and practical advice. Inspiring and compelling challenges for life's journey will appeal to graduates of all ages, who need an occasional moment to reflect on the true meaning of life and how it can best be lived. Moments for Graduates offers not only riveting stories, but drops pearls of wisdom to students embarking on a lifelong path.

I got this book from my Nana when I graduated high school and decided to save it until I graduated college. I just recently found it again - a couple of months after I officially graduated. 

This book has an anecdote for each day. The intention is that you would read one anecdote/page a day for a month. (Okay, two pages). Each story also features a quote and a Bible verse. (This book is heavy with religious theme so if that's not your thing then you may not want to pick this up). Even thought each story brought the focus back to having God in your life these stories could also be applied if you are not religious. Even an atheist could apply these stories to their life. They are stories about hard work, opportunity, choices, kindness. I think that even people who are not religious should want to apply these things in their lives. So if you are not religious and are curious about the stories in this book, I say read it. But just don't let the religious content be what you focus on. 

That being said, if you are a religious Christian then you would likely love this book and the quotes and Bible verses in it. You would also get a lesson for life outside of religion at the same time. 

I liked nearly every anecdote in this book. There was only one I didn't particularly care for. And that was because the man in the anecdote was trying to get people to convert to Christianity. I'm not saying that I have anything against Christianity (or any religion) I just feel that you should not try to convert people to your beliefs. 

Some of my favorite stories n here are:

A Goal for Life: About a young boy who wants to grow up to be the greatest baseball catcher that ever lived. He continues with this ambition. And you'll just have to see what happens.

It's In the Message: This one is great. About a man who wants a morose code job. See what happens when he goes for an interview. :)

Take Another Look: About two men sent to sell they're companies shoes. One gives up for certain reasons. one stays for the same reasons. 

A True Sportsman: About the Olympic Games in Hitler's Germany. A black competitor and a competitor from the "arian race". 

A Loser?: About a boy who was very poor at nearly everything he did. But he loved to draw and was very proud of his drawings. See what happens to this boy. :) 

Lessons From Salesmen: A young salesmen talks to a sales manager about buying a life insurance policy. Really, this one is just funny.... :) 

However, there are spelling and some grammar errors in this book and so I really couldn't overlook that. So because of the errors and the one story I did not care for I would say that this one is 4 stars! 

Recommended to anyone who has graduated, especially if they are a religious Christian. If not, try to not focus on that. Same goes for people who haven't recently graduated who want to read this. 

<3 Amanda Leigh

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