Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Mini Challenge ~ Book Playlist

I don't remember which number mini challenge this was, but I know it was earlier in the day and so this post is very late. But I really liked this challenge so I am going to take part in it. For this we have to make a playlist for something book related. 

I am going to do a playlist for the books in the first cycle in The Vampire Diaries series. Simply entitled The Vampire Diaries.There are four books in total in this series: The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, and The Dark Reunion.

This is a collective playlist for all of them. Here is my playlist:

1. I Want You by Kelly Clarkson
2. Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine
3. Save You by Kelly Clarkson
4. Haunted by Taylor Swift
5. Cut by Plumb
6. Beauty of the Dark by Madds Langer
7. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
8. If No One Will Listen by Kelly Clarkson
9. Dark Horses by Switchfoot
10. Sunsets and Car Crashes by The Spill Canvas

There you go! What do you think? Hope you guys like it! 

<3 Amanda Leigh


  1. GREAT list! In fact, this looks remarkably like my TVD playlist I used to have! (I had Cut, Haunted, and several Florence songs, though not that particular one).

    1. Thanks! Haha cool! :) I think that those songs and the tone of Florence songs go so well with the tone of the show.