Friday, August 31, 2012

Liebster Blog Award ~ Again! Kind of...haha just read the post...

A while ago I was tagged for the Liebster Blog Award. I tagged 10 people, including a good friend of mine, Fatuma. She has a few blogs but the one I tagged is: 

And, since we're all rebels, she tagged me back! So this time I'm just going to answer the questions she asked. There are some fun ones in there! I like these questions!

1.What is your favorite fruit? 
Hmm, good question. Strawberries are great. But I really like pears and kiwi. Especially kiwi.
 2.Why do you blog? 

I blog for a couple of  reasons. I want to be a full time author and I heard that having an internet presence is really important for that. So that's the main reason. I also just really love it. It's fun.
 3. Do you like Asian dramas (esp. Korean)? *crosses fingers* lol 

I don't know if I like them, since I've never seen any. Any recommendations? lol
 4. What do you feel passionate about? 

A lot of stuff. Life. Writing, reading, art, photography, cooking, family, friends, nature, rare disease awareness, domestic abuse awareness, raising money for Cystinosis research and cancer research and  diabetes research and several other things, Psychology, environmental rights, animal rights. The list probably goes on...
 5. What are your career goals? Current or future. 

I want to be an author. And possibly write for a magazine, or work on a literary magazine. I do know I want to be a full time author though.
 6. If you had a dollar, what would you buy?
I don't know, what can you buy for a dollar these days? A lottery ticket maybe? Oh, or a chocolate bar, I like chocolate.

7. If you could write a book, what would it be about? 
Actually, I have a book out lol. It's a collection of poetry and photography.There's a link to it on the sidebar thing. But I am working on a novel right now. A young adult romance set in the 1960s that spans six years of the main character's life. From when she (Sam) is 16 to when Sam is 22.
 8. What's your favorite color? Why? 

My favorite is blue. All different shades of blue. However I do also really like teal ad turquoise. I like these blues because blue can show such a range of emotions. Blues can be happy, sad, mysterious. They are all beautiful and I love the color blue.
 9. What's your favorite movie or types of movies? 

I really like The Outsiders, and the Harry Potter movies, and the Godfather and Swing Kids and The Hunger Games. Mostly I like dramas.
 10. What's your favorite fictional character?

That's a very difficult question. Are we talking just from books? Or TV shows and movies too? Since I don't know, I'm going to answer with a book character. I think it would have to come down to Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston from The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. Yes, I know that's two but I couldn't choose. If you want to know about TV and movie characters just let me know, cause I could go on about that

<3 Amanda Leigh

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