Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review ~ territories of folding by T. C. Tolbert


Title: territories of folding
Author: T. C. Tolbert
Released: March 2011
Published by: Kore Press
Page Amount: 33 pages, double-bind chapbook

Goodreads Blurb:
TC Tolbert's debut book of poetry uncovers the landscape of life ever in motion. In language flickering with love, loss, and liminality, and with adamantine accuracy, this work bridges many seemingly distant land masses: female and male, girl and boy, music and silence, body and space. Territories embodies the poet's transition “from woman to something less visibly female” and reveals the cyclic journeys of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of the person contextualized by an outward societal framework. “Having lived through the funnel both ways,” TC Tolbert acknowledges and bravely challenges traditional schemes of hegemony with a conscious commitment to the unique multiplicity of the self, who is at once (and always) transitory and timeless.

T.C. Tolbert came to Pace to read from territories of folding for a Vox event. You all remember me talking about Vox, right? Besides publishing a literary and arts magazine twice a year, we also host several events. Some of these events are always readings, and thanks to our faculty advisor Dr.Poe, we were lucky enough to have T.C. come to Pace to read from territories of folding. There were copies for sale at the reading. As soon as the reading was over I knew I had to buy one. T.C. signed it to me too!


I took this picture with my webcam so I'm not sure how good the resolution is. It says: "Dear Amanda, Thank you for coming & for being such a kick ass poetry advocate! Take good care of you, :) TC"

The poetry in this chapbook is really wonderful. T.C. has such a special ability with words. Words are put together in such a way that a word you'd once never thought twice about, suddenly seems magical. And when these words are put together the poetry and sentiment that comes out is equally as amazing.

Something unique about this chapbook is that it is a double-bind chapbook. First it opens to the left and then halfway through it opens to the right. It gives the chapbook a special feel. White space is also utilized throughout the chapbook very well.

I really enjoyed this chapbook and look forward to more work from T.C. Tolbert. I gave this one 5 stars and if you are a fan of poetry I highly advise you add it to your collection.

<3 Amanda Leigh

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