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Interview with Christina Herrara | Author of Kissing the Skater Boy

Amanda: Give us a quick introduction to you. Published books, what you write, etc.

Christina: My name is Christina Herrera and I write Young Adult Contemporary Romance as well as Clean Romance. My published include: Kissing Under the Fireworks (a clean adult romance novella), Kissing the Wrong Twin (a young adult standalone) and Kissing the Skater Boy (an enemies to lovers young adult standalone). 

Amanda: Favorite book you’ve published so far?

Christina: Kissing the Skater Boy. 

Amanda: Most fun character to write? Favorite character to write? (Because they can definitely be different. ;) ) Hardest to write?

Christina: I like writing about the characters I am writing about now, Jordan and Selena. The first book I ever wrote had some of the most difficult characters to write. I think because I was still new at writing books at the time. The first book I ever wrote is Kissing the Right Guy. It is not on Amazon yet, but hopefully will be soon. 

Amanda: Did you like to read as a child? Favorite book? Do you still have that book or reread it now?

Christina: I got into reading when I was ten years old. I read the Amazing Days of Abby Hayes and Sweet Valley Twins. I still have at least one book from each series. I look forward to my future children reading them one day. I also loved reading the Twilight series when I was in middle school. I still enjoy reading about Bella, Edward, and Jacob to this day. 

Amanda: Have you always been a writer/storyteller? How did you start?

Christina: I started making up romance stories when I was a little kid. My older sisters loved to come up with stories with me before bed and I liked creating the story myself sometimes, too. Although, I didn’t have the dream of becoming an author until I was nineteen years old and started writing my first book. I was able to finish that book within seven or eight months. 

Amanda: Do you write to music? If so, what kind? I love to hear about new music!

Christina: I like to make playlists for the books I’m writing. Although, I usually prefer to write in a quiet place. I enjoy listening to the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and Ava Max. 

Amanda: I know for me, there have been some funny stories since I’ve been deep in the trenches of writing. Like a realization about a work in progress or characters (the funniest has to do with the song Mirrors by JT.) Do you have any funny stories that you’d like to share?

Christina: When I met my husband, I discovered he was an identical twin. It gave me the idea of writing a book where there could be identical twins and lots of switcheroos. I went to a party with my future husband. He didn’t know me very well at the time, but he introduced me to another girl at the party and said, “This is Christina. She’s planning on writing a book about me.” He was joking at the time. Little did I know that one day he would be my husband and that I would pen Kissing the Wrong Twin. 

Amanda: Do you have a typical process or any writing rituals? Anything you have to have with you while writing? (Besides computer, paper, typewriter, whichever…)

Christina: Some books I like to plot out entirely before writing, but the book I’m writing right now I am totally pantsing it and loving every second of it. I like having herbal tea or hot chocolate with me as I write. 

Amanda: Who is a character that has influenced you (not from your books)?

Christina: Isaac Robinson from my sister’s books (The first book is called Destiny and my sister’s name is Cindy Ray Hale).  Although I didn’t create this character, it was still a lot of fun to read his story. 

Amanda: Which of your characters would you least want to go on a road trip with? Why? Most want to?

Christina: The redhead, Shannon McKell, from Kissing the Wrong Twin would be a character I’d want to avoid. She’s one feisty mean girl, haha. I would want to be on the road trip with Brennan Lopez from Kissing the Wrong Twin ;) 

Amanda: Top three favorite books and authors right now. 

Christina: Stephenie Meyer, Cindy Ray Hale, and Kelly Oram. 

Amanda: Favorite writing craft book?

Christina: Romancing the Beat. 

This or that:

Strawberry vs. Chocolate

Poetry vs. Fiction, although I adore poetry! I love reading and writing poems. 

First draft vs. Editing! 

T. V. Show vs. Movie!

Book vs. Movie I’m going to have to say movie. Although, don’t get me wrong, I love a good read!

Hero vs. Villain

Villain vs. Anti-Hero

Witch vs. Vampire 

E-book vs. Physical Book

Tea vs. Coffee: Herbal tea. 

Amanda: Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

Christina: I am working on the prequel to Kissing the Wrong Twin. It’s about the identical twin boy’s sister, Selena. It’s called Kissing the Player. 

Amanda: Any last comments to share? :)

Christina: I absolutely love reading, writing, and editing. I am an intern at Entangled Publishing, a freelance editor, and a self-published writer. I wish more people knew about the wonderful world of independent publishing. I believe that most authors who publish their own work are indeed glad they did :) A lot of people think that you have to have a publisher to make money or feel accomplished, but I have read amazing self-published books and have read traditionally published books that could have been much better. In the end, it all comes down to the book and what the author’s goals are.

Christina Herrera has always loved romance. Even as a child she
would make up romantic plots with her older sisters as part of her
bedtime stories. As she grew up, she remained fascinated by
storytelling. When she was nineteen years old, she authored her first
book. Ever since then she knew what she wanted to do in life: read,
edit, and write down all of her romantic stories.

Instagram: @authorchristinaherrera

Twitter: @CHerrera122116


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