Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ramblings During This Global Pandemic

"These are mad times we live in! Mad!"

Any Harry Potter fans in here? There must be. Who can name who said this? Should I tell you or make you comment the answer? hahaha. Either way, this little bit of dialogue keeps running through my head lately. Usually multiple times a day. As well as a few other bits from Harry Potter (I'm a huge Harry Potter geek, you should know that by now. And just a geek in general, too. A damn proud one!! lol )

"This is mental."
"Completely mental."
"The world's mental."

"The whole world's gone topsy-turvy."

(Ten points to Gryffindor if you can name who said all of those. I'm a Gryffindor, so that's why I used that house.)

The bits of dialogue that are running through my head on a regular basis. As well as certain similarities to certain films, that maybe I won't go into here, and leave that for my cousin and I to talk about.

I have anxiety on a daily basis, so when this all started to blow up, so to speak, I expected myself to be far more panicked than I was, or than I currently am. I think I'm handling this ridiculously well considering my penchant for anxiety on a "normal" day. There was a great post on Instagram about this. How people with anxiety are handling things, and watching other people act the way we feel on a daily basis. Which is a scary thought, because as my cousin and I discussed, any decision made from a place of fear, isn't going to do any good to anyone.

The virus of course scares me, especially since I'm in the immuno-suppressed group and therefore more susceptible to it but I think mass panic scares me more than that. Because, again, decisions made from fear don't help anyone. And mass hysteria can spread fast, and quite possibly spread far more damage than the virus itself...?

Something else that scares me, and pisses me off, are the people who don't seem to be taking this seriously. Still. Even though it is literally a global pandemic. I know not everyone can stay home. There are essential workers that keep society going, and are integral at the best of times, but especially at a time like this. Doctors, nurses, Postal workers, plumbers, police officers, janitors, grocery and food workers, etc. So if you can stay home, then do it. If you can and you aren't, I'm sorry, but you are part of the problem not the solution. And if you can't, then be sure to exercise all of the precautions we are being told to. Even if it may not be serious for you if you caught the virus, it could be for someone else. You could give it to someone who may not make it out to the other side of this crisis. So please be mindful of that, and do what you can. If you can stay home, then do. Especially because there ARE people who can't. (And these people should take all of the other precautions).(And this doesn't just mean doctors, nurses, etc. Because there are other circumstances, as well.)  But if you can, then PLEASE DO. (There are still other things to discuss about al of this but today this is what I'm talking about. <3 )

And remember, if you are reading this right now, that means you have access to technology where you can connect with your friends and family still. I'm not saying this is easy. It IS hard, but the more people go against what these precautions are (or don't stay at home when they can), the longer this is going to last. As I said, if you're reading this, then you have access to amazing ways to connect to people you love, even in the midst of this trying time. So hold on a little longer, we can get through this.

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