Sunday, August 4, 2019

Journal July Challenge Wrap Up

Hello again everyone!! I'm trying to get better at regularly blogging and I'm going to be honest with you all, it is taking some getting used to. Today, I'm going to do a brief post about how the Journal July Challenge went.

For Me: 

For me, it went awesome!! lol I journaled every day in July. And for a couple of days into August. With my Journal June (where I journaled every day in June) I made it to I think 70 days straight of journaling. That is absolutely amazing!! And the most days I've ever journaled in a row. I missed the last couple of days but I'm not discouraged about this. It was more to form the habit and to see what benefits I could get from it. I'm going to pick my journal right back up tonight or tomorrow and get back to it. And that's part of the point here. It's okay not to journal every single day. The point of this was to try to get in the habit. But if you miss a day just pick it back up and put pen to paper the next. Just like if you miss one workout, you pick it up the next time. You don't give up. You also don't need to write these prolific journal entries. Don't make it scary. You can write three sentences. It is still journaling. Don't be scared of the process. Or be scared and do it anyway, this is for you. No one else.

The Actual Challenge: 

This did not go as well. I think I've said before that social media and blogging and all of that is not my strong suit. It's natural for me to just want to hole up and write my books. But I do want to connect with people who love books and writing. It's something I'm working on. At least I made the decision to put this together. One person even did some of the prompts. I count this as a small win. You have to add those wins up. I'll do it again next year and try to do it even better. Maybe share prompts on social media. Maybe I'll offer a new journal for those who post most about it. I don't know. I am new to this.

I want to hear your suggestions below. What would you like to see in this Journal July Challenge? I really want to know your thoughts and ideas so I can make next year's better. Please, let me know below!! And if you want 23 journal prompts, here is the original post.

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