Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Character of the Month! (#6)


Do you all remember a few months ago my Book of the Month was Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris? Well, I thought it only appropriate that one of these months that one of the characters from Taste the Heat should be my Character of the Month. And that character is. . . Jason Landry! 

I loved Jason while reading Taste the Heat. I thought that he was very sweet. I also love that he knew how to cook (I quite like that). Also, I just loved what a devoted father he was. Reading about his relationship with his daughter was wonderful. Seeing how crazy he was about her and how much she in turn loved her father just warmed my heart. Seeing the two of them stumble over things that normally a female figure would take care of was precious, somehow. I don't know, that's just how I think of it. Like that scene in a certain aisle of the grocery store? Oh, dear. But it was very sweet somehow. Especially when Colby (female protagonist) swooped in to save the day, so to speak. Another thing that I liked was that Jason had a story. And that he had had some awful things happen to him. Not that I like that, I just like that it was included. I'm more likely to like characters who have gone through something. 

I would definitely check out this book if you haven't already! Linked below are my review of Taste the Heat and my Book of the Month post for Taste the Heat! :)

Rachel Harris' Website: 

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