Friday, January 24, 2014

Character of the Month! (#3)

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No, there are aren't two characters of the month this month. These are two different images of the same character: Tella Holloway from Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood #1) by Victoria Scott. The first image is from Victoria Scott's website; from her blog post "Introducing Tella Holloway". The second is from the Fire & Flood website. 

I received this book for review from Scholastic Press in December. I finished this in early January and absolutely loved it! I will have a full review up. But today, I am going to talk about Tella Holloway: my character of the month. 

I loved Tella's voice. She had this dark humor about her that I really liked. Her voice also seemed very honest to me. It was like you were really seeing her thoughts. The way that they would be if this really happened. She wasn't always thinking about her brother. Sometimes she was just concerned for herself and what would happen to her. One time she thought about how much she could go for some bacon. I appreciated that honesty. 

Also, she wasn't the "hero" type. Or the typical hero type, anyway. She wasn't an extremely capable fighter. She had other people helping her. And the reactions that she sometimes had seemed believable for her character. She didn't always jump right into action. I appreciated that as well; that things seemed true to her character. 

She does step up to the plate though. And she can fight. Tella is capable. She still has people to help her, which is vital, but I believe that she is also more capable than she thinks. 

I would love to say more but I'm trying to save some for the review and also not give too much away. 

Which character are you loving this month? :)

<3 Amanda Leigh 

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