Monday, May 1, 2017

Cover Reveal | Numb by J. M. Walker


He doesn’t remember.
In the beginning, women and alcohol were one in the same. Until he met her.
The pain and heartache he caused her died when he was shot and fell into a coma.
Waking up is the only way he can get back to Maxine Stanton while she does everything she can to push him away. 
She hates him.
Every fiber of her being loathes the man she fell in love with but she can’t control her heart and wants him just the same.
When Dale Michaels finally wakes up, she realizes they need to end this once and for all, before it destroys them both. 
When an unexpected source rips through what they’ve worked hard to maintain, only then do they realize the full potential of their love.

And here are the links to the other books. :)

★•☆•★King's Harlots Series!!!!!!!!!!★•☆•★

"An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker"
1 - Grit
Amazon CA ➜
Amazon UK ➜

2 - Stain 
Amazon CA ➜
Amazon UK ➜

2.5 - Grim (Listed as #3 on Amazon)
Amazon CA ➜
Amazon UK ➜

3 - Rude - can be read as a standalone
Amazon US ➜
Amazon CA ➜
Amazon UK ➜

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