Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Review | Rock Her Hard by Alyson Hale


Title: Rock Her Hard (Rock Her Series #1)
Author: Alyson Hale
Release Date: March 13th 2017
Published By: Fatebound Publishing 
Page Amount: 200 pages

GoodReads Blurb:

I'm a lone wolf, a lost cause. Pushing people away has become an art form for me. I was doing well at shutting down my heart until I met her. Now I'll risk everything I've built just to have her by my side.

I didn't come to Georgia looking for love...

When my band manager asked us to travel to the US on a personal errand, I never imagined I'd get caught up in a scheme to reunite a father with his estranged daughter. Our deal was I'd seduce her into coming on the road with us, and then he'd have a chance at winning her over and getting his family back. The only problem is it's become so much more than that...

Kyri Calloway is everything I didn't know was missing from my life: sweetness, softness, and plenty of sass. She's a fiesty Irish redhead with curves that go on forever, my ultimate fantasy...yet she won't stop running away from me. My girl is convinced I'm going to leave her heart in a million shattered pieces the way her father did, but what she doesn't know is I never plan to let her go.

I'm not finished with her. Not by a long shot.

And I won't stop chasing her until she's mine, completely, body and soul.


NOTE: This 18+ novella is sexy, sweet, and full of sass, just like every perfect Southern Belle should be. Your heart is safe reading this book; there's no cheating, a protective alpha male, and a guaranteed HEA--no cliffhangers!


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I'll admit, I'm pretty into the dark romance, heavy, twisted stuff but sometimes I like a break from that. Even when I do want a break, I'm a little picky. This was a quick, fun, sexy read that I really enjoyed. I really liked Kyri and could relate to her quite a bit. Even her friendship with Alex reminded me of me and my best friend. The fact that Kyri was an author and loved to cook was a big part in me relating to her. It occasionally frustrated me, the running away thing she had a tendency to do but I got it.

Jace was pretty cool, too. I liked him. He seemed to go a bit far at times but I forgave him that because he seemed to really care about Kyri. Alyson Hale is becoming one of my go tos for a fun, sweet, sexy read. I'm super excited for the next book, Rock Her Wild!! I think this one is about 3.75 quills.

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