Monday, February 13, 2017

Book Review | With Ties That Bind (Broken Bonds #3) by Trisha Wolfe!!


Title: With Ties That Bind (Broken Bonds #3)
Author: Trisha Wolfe
Release Date: February 7th 2017

GoodReads Blurb:

Third novel in the With Ties that Bind trilogy. Final novel in the Broken Bonds series.

To protect the woman he loves, Detective Ethan Quinn defied the law he’s defended and upheld his entire career. He turned his back on his honor and ethics with only one objective in mind: protect Avery at all cost. Now he’s tangled in a web of deceit and corruption, no better than the killer he’s hunting.

As Quinn navigates a treacherous maze, he senses a rat amid his department. He suspects the perpetrator is hiding in plain sight, using their shield within the law to disguise them.

Who is the real Alpha?

Having been framed for murders and crimes they didn’t commit, a suspect is under investigation by not only the ACPD, but the FBI, and lead medical examiner Avery Johnson feels the pressure from all sides as she guards the secrets within her lab. Quinn went to great lengths to save her, to protect her…and now it’s her turn to be the hero for the man she loves.

A showdown is looming, the Alpha is ready to strike. No one is safe as the clock ticks down to the final moments that will test every member of the task force, leaving only one side left standing.


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I can not believe this series is over. A grand total of seven books over the last two years. I discovered Trisha maybe five years ago through a short story she published. That short story made my top 10 reads that year. Then a couple years later her With Visions of Red series began. I was ecstatic when I was personally invited to her review team. I didn't even think twice about signing up and I am over the moon that I did.

Fast forward to now: the last book in this series is out and I've finished it. I've loved every beautiful, touching, haunting, loving, twisted word. (The twisted parts may have been some of my favorites.) This last books shows how much thought Trisha put into the books and how they tied together. (No pun intended...I think.)

I found myself really liking Quinn even before he and Avery got their own books. The way Trisha described him had me intrigued right away. I have always liked older men. He and Avery had a great relationship that I loved reading about. His determination to protect her and hers to not to be a victim led to some head butting moments between the two. There was also some breaking loose on Quinn's part. Which, I'll admit, was super hot and super enjoyable to read.

The Alpha's POV...I have to admit I loved reading it. Something about getting inside the Alpha's mind...I got excited every time I got to a chapter in the Alpha's POV. I definitely think the identity of the Alpha was a surprise. Here's the bigger surprise. I figured out who the Alpha was. I was proud but also felt like I got a little jipped. Nevertheless, the identity was an awesome reveal. Everything was awesome. I read 70% of the book in one day.

Once I got to the last few lines I found myself tearing up. Not for anything particular except that it was the end. I've come to love these characters. Quinn, Avery, Sadie, Colton, Chase, Alexis, even Carson. I was tearing up simply because it was over. While I am super excited for what Trisha has planned next I will miss these characters dearly. I can feel myself starting to tear up as I finish this review. The With Visions of Red series has a proud place on my bookshelf and when With Ties That Bind is available I know they will, too. I also have an inkling that these will be some of the few books that I actually reread. I give this book 5 quills. Overall, I give the series 5 quills. 6 if I could. If you love dark and twisty, or you're looking to dive in, I highly recommend this!!


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