Friday, September 30, 2016

Release Blitz | Her Name Was Sam by Erin Lee

Book Synopsis:

*This book is a novella*

Regret Comes in Every Color of the Rainbow

"I stand in a sea of color. It's so bright, so real, that I feel like I could almost reach out and taste it. I imagine it tastes like summer’s fat watermelon slices. My mouth is dry. Even if I could, I wouldn't take a bite. I have too much guilt. I know the truth: The only reason I'm standing here is because I helped to kill my daughter.
— Sam's mother

"I tried so hard to accept her. I wanted to be proud of her, as my sister. But it wasn't so easy. The kids at school made fun of me. I mean, who wants to be the little sister of a freak like Sam? Now, I wish I could take it all back. I'd give anything to have her back again. I miss her."
— Sam's sister

Her Name Was Sam is the novella story of Kelly and Morgan, the mother and sister of Sam Harris, in the aftermath of Sam’s suicide. Bullied for being brave enough to show her true colors to the world, Sam has been gone exactly one year and Kelly and Morgan are left to tackle the grief that comes with regret in her absence. Can acceptance be the answer to their pain? It is, after all, the only thing Sam ever wanted…

This novella deals with dark topics like teen suicide, bullying, and hate crimes. It is not recommended for younger readers who aren’t ready to tackle these topics. It is intended as a tool to promote discussion and bring awareness to some very real issues in the LGBTQ community. It was written to make people think and help them to avoid regrets. Young adult readers, if you aren’t sure if this book is for you, please check with a trusted adult before reading further. Parental discretion is advised.


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