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Book Review | Try Me (and other romantic short stories) (Daily Della) by Della Galton

Title: Try Me (and other romantic short stories) (Daily Della)
Author: Della Galton
Release Date: August 25th 2012
Published By:
Page Amount: 28 pages, Kindle edition

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GoodReads Blurb:

Daily Della is a series of short fiction anthologies for all Kindle enabled reading devices. Five stories in each issue, ideal for your daily coffee break.
This issue of ‘Daily Della’ is a special cut-down, cut-price version, designed to give you a taster.

In this issue:
The Naked Truth
When Emma and Jilly see an advert for NUDE male cleaners they wonder whether it's genuine. Emma decides there's only one way to find out - she has visions of naked men ironing her clothes - and despite Jilly's protestations, she rings the number.

On One Condition
The last place Karen expects to find herself on her thirtieth birthday is stuck up a tree, but thanks to her niece and nephew, ten year old twins, Conrad and Sarah that's exactly what happens. They tell her not to worry, Tom will get her down and they disappear to find him. Then to make matters worse it starts to rain and Karen's left worrying about the identity of the mysterious Tom.

Saint Or Sinner

Debs and her friend go to see a Welsh male voice choir and Debs falls in love with a gorgeous tenor, third row, fifth from the left. When they play her favourite hymn, 'When the Saints Go Marching In' she begins to feel like a sinner herself. Especially as she's married to Andrew who's waiting patiently for her back home. 


I found this book unexpectedly through Amazon, I can't remember how but it was very inexpensive so I decided to buy it. I like the concept, too, quick stories that can be read during a coffee break. 

These stories had a well formed beginning, middle, and end. Each one had a satisfactory story arc in my opinion. That is not easy to do (in any form, really, but especially short stories.) I very much enjoyed reading them. They were quick, fun reads. I'm glad that I read this and would definitely pick up more of these "Daily Della" e-books. I think I'd give it 3.5 quills. 

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