Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review | Like A Child by Jessica VanderWerff


Title: Like A Child 
Author: Jessica VanderWerff
Release Date: March 21st 2016
Published By: CreateSpace Publishing
Page Amount: 128 pages, Paperback


I allow the words to present themselves as they wish: often in a rush, only to tire in the end, and lie down slowly, like a child drifting off during a lullaby. In this collection of wonderfully ethereal poems, written by Jessica VanderWerff, you will always find something to lift your spirits, often with just the memory of childhood. Like a Child is a fabulous creation of 77 works, mainly about our early memories, nature, and dreams. When reading this collection, you can lose yourself for an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend. Poems like First Snow, A Rare Gift, and Summer in Sepia serve to recapture moments in time, recalling memories long forgotten, or perhaps just suppressed by the stresses and pressure of modern life.


I'm reading more poetry this year than the last few years. I have always loved poetry and there is some great new talent out there. Jessica VanderWerff is one of those new talents. Jessica and I did go to college together and worked on the literary magazine together. This does not affect my opinions of her poetry. I read her poetry in college and loved it then, as well.

I very much enjoyed this collection of poems. Some of them I recognized from the literary magazine in college but there were many new ones. I could tell how much heart was put into these poems. Jessica clearly has a great passion for poetry. Love of her family and friends could be seen throughout this collection, too. Childhood memories played a large part in this collection of poems. It is a lovely reminder of the things we enjoyed in childhood that we so often forget. The little things are so much more important than we tend to give them credit for.

Some of my favorites in this collection are:

- Captured Moments
- The Greatest Devotion
- Tattooed Dreams
- Maestro's Circus
- A Visit to Grandma
- Dreaming of Escape
- This Shall Come to Pass

I really enjoyed this collection and am looking forward to seeing what else Jessica releases into the book world. I would recommend this collection to people who like poetry or even those who are not really into it. This is a great starter. I give this one 5 quills!!

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