Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Review ~ Have Mercy by Aimee Shaye


Title: Have Mercy
Author: Aimee Shaye
Release Date: February 26th 2016
Published By: Amazon/CreateSpace
Page Amount: 50 pages, Kindle Edition 

GoodReads Blurb:

Lorraine is stuck in the worst imaginable position, an emotionally abusive relationship and a man who loves her more than he loves himself.

Kael has never felt for anyone the way that he feels for Lorraine. Knowing everything that he knows about her soul-sucking past, he strives to help her and love her in a way that she has never been loved before.

This is a novelette about Lorraine's journey, about how she realizes that she deserves much more than what she is getting.


I'm lucky enough to be friends with this wonderful person and author. This is the first work of hers that I've read. About a month before this novelette released she sent me a message asking I'd be willing to read the first 3k words or so of a project that she was working on. Of course, I said yes. It took me longer than I like to actually read it but once I read it I loved it. I could really relate to Lorraine and was very excited to see where the story would go. Fast forward a bit and her new novelette is out. I finished it last night so this is my review.

I really love this story. I feel like it can be very relatable for a lot of people. Whether or not they have been in an emotionally abusive relationship, a lot of people could relate to finding that one person who just really helps them get through. The one who sees the real them - flaws and all - and loves them with all that they have anyway. I, however, have been in an emotionally abusive relationship. And probably more people than we think have been. Those people - like me - will be able to relate to Lorraine on that level. It's an awful feeling. A feeling of being trapped. It was wonderful to see her realize what she really was worth, what she really deserved. That she deserved better and then to decide that she was going to get it.

Kael was a great character, too and you could plainly see the chemistry between them. Especially in the last scene of the book. Where the book gets steamy. But even with all the heat you can still see the love Lorraine and Kael have for each other. The last line was a wonderful last line. The emotion in this story was clear. I'm very glad to have read it and I'm sure it won't be my last Aimee Shaye book. I really related to Lorraine which is what pushed this rating from 4 to 5 quills for me. I'm a very character driven person. So I give this one 5 quills and definitely recommend it.


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