Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Book Tour ~ Inside a Young Soul by Nicole A. Schmidt: Review



Inside a Young Soul
by Nicole A Schmidt
Publication Date: March 26, 2015
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Poetry

Inside a Young Soul by Nicole A. Schmidt is a poetry book as beautiful, heart-breaking, and invigorating as the very soul of a young girl. Teacher, turned author, Schmidt has compiled her best poems penned when she was just a young girl herself.

The poems written in this book discuss classic teenage themes such as sex, falling in love, feeling restless, and even inadequate. Its soul-stirring pages also include less discussed themes such as spirituality and intelligence.

A must have for young girls, Inside a Young Girl even includes space for young girls to write and draw how they relate to the poems. 

Heart warming, bold and truly relate-able, Inside a Young Soul is for any and every young girl making her way through the complex world! 


I am a huge fan of poetry. I have been since at least the 5th grade. So it has been about fourteen years now. When I saw that LIEP Promotions was hosting a tour for a poetry collection I knew that I had to sign up. Even more so when I saw that it was poetry for young adults. I myself published a poetry collection for young adults. So that cinched it. And I just had to review this, too. 

I really enjoyed the poems in this collection. What I enjoyed most was the honesty that was in them. The author was not afraid to say how she was really feeling about something. I can see how many teenage girls could relate to the poems in this collection. The fact that it is made into a workbook makes it even more interactive. This is something that I could see myself enjoying in high school and maybe going back to more than once. I'm not particularly religious, so while that section was good, ti was the one that I had the least connection with. I'm more spiritual than religious, so I connected to it, but not as much as the other two sections. However, I believe it is very important to explore our spirituality and what we believe, so this is an important section. Perhaps it would make some young women start to examine their own spirituality.

My favorite poems and the ones that I related to the most are as follows:

- "Alone"ness is Bliss
- Diamond in the Rough
- We Never Had a Chance
- Excuooooooooze Me! (Tribute to Early Maturation Frustration) 

I think that for some people poetry can seem unapproachable and intimidating. Not just young adults. But this collection is not intimidating and is definitely approachable. I think that it is very relatable for a girl going through high school and even older; there are still things to connect with and relate to. I'm glad that I signed up to review this one. Of course, I would most recommend this to girls that are going through high school now. Howver, I believe women of all ages could enjoy this. And I won't limit it to women, if a boy or man wants to pick this up and read it I think that they may just find something a s well. I would give this one 4 quills!! 


About the Author: 

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Nicole A. Schmidt moved to Maryland to attend the University of Maryland-College Park. She received subsequent degrees and certifications from Notre Dame of Maryland University and Bowie State University respectively.

Schmidt (Schmidtty to her mentees) has taught high school English for the past seven years. She has always seen teaching as more than a job, more than a career; she views teaching as a divine calling. With that in mind, she became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. whose core mission is to empower the community through education. As an educator, Nicole has had the pleasure of meeting special individuals. Her hope is that she was able to make a small impact on each of their lives as they have made a huge impact on hers.