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Interview with Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen ~ Authors of The Dying Game

Hi guys! Today I have an interview for you with the authors of The Dying Game. Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen. Keep reading to find out about the book, the authors and more in the interview below.

Title: The Dying Game 
Authors: Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen
Release Date: February 10 2015 
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Page Amount: 234 pages, Paperback 

When Matt has the opportunity to visit the place he's dreamed of going since he was a little boy, he won't let anything stop him. Not the ghost stories, hauntings or even the fact that his pessimistic girlfriend has threatened to break up with him if he goes. It only makes him want to go more, and even more when he finds out that his childhood crush, Kelsey Hendricks, is going to be attending with all of his closest friends. Now is his chance to tell her how he really feels, or will someone get to it before he can work up the courage to say anything to her? When the group is tempted by an unknown tour that takes them deep into the underground mazes of New Orleans, what will happen to them? But more importantly, who will be waiting for them in the depths of a city that is supposedly haunted? 

And all Matt thought he would have to worry about was a killer hangover. 

About The Authors:
Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen are twenty year old college students who were born and raised in Northern Virginia. They have been interested in writing since they were young, and met in a creative writing class in high school. Taylor introduced Sara to an amateur writing website, and shortly after, the pair began writing together. Together, and separately, they plan to continue sharing their stories.

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The Interview:
Tell us about how you two ended up teaming up to write this book.
We met in a creative writing class in high school where Taylor told me about an amateur writing website called wattpad. We both realized that we liked each other’s writing style, and thought it would be fun to start write stories together. (Sara)
Have you both always wanted to be writers?
We have both always had a passion for writing, but we had never actually considered it as a career path until recently. Writing had always been a hobby for us, and eventually that hobby just snowballed into something bigger. Surprisingly, neither of us are majoring in english. Rather, Sara is a biology major, and I am a psychology major. (Taylor)
What inspired The Dying Game?
Sara really loves New Orleans, and we wanted to combine our two favorite genres, horror and romance. We also just really wanted to start writing our first story together, so we brainstormed, and therefore The Dying Game was born.

Is The Dying Game a stand alone or part of a series?
Stand alone.

What genres do you each like to read?
Sara: I have always enjoyed reading Thriller/mystery stories the most. Heather Graham’s novels are my favorite by far, but the genre itself has always been a favorite.

Taylor: I use to really love reading teen fiction/drama novels, but recently I have been really into mystery/thrillers. I started doing a 2015 reading challenge, and the first book I chose to read was the option “Read a book from an author with the same initials as you”. Therefore, I chose to read a book by Tami Hoag, and I have become a huge fan. I’ve been reading through her novels like wildfire.
Do you like to write in the same genres?
We both started off writing the same genres, but as Sara transitioned into writing suspense/thriller, she kind of dragged me into it. We both can write almost any genre, but like most authors we have our preferences. I think that we both can agree that we enjoy writing stories that are thrilling the most. (Taylor)

What is it like co-writing a book? Planning the story together, melding your styles, etc?
It’s interesting. We have to spend a lot of time making sure that we see everything the same way so that we can avoid any confusion, and then plan the story out so that we can both work in the same direction. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a cohesive story because we are two different people who can see a scene in many different ways. We go about melding our stories together in two different ways. One way that we do this is where Sara will write a skeleton (which is a chapter that has no detail and is basically an outline of that needs to be filled in) and Taylor will go through it to add detail and anything she thinks is missing. Another way that we mix our stories is through what we call a “split chapter” where someone begins it, and the other person finishes it, then starts the next chapter and so on. The Dying Game itself was written as a split chapter story. We enjoy both of these writing styles because we can practice writing more, overcome writer’s block, and learn from each other as we move forward. It is great having a writing partner, especially one who is your best friend, because we can support each other in our individual works as well as in our co-writes.

Can you tell us about some of your plans for the future, writing wise? Future books, future partnered up projects?
Together and alone, we have many other novels that we are ready to share with the world. This summer we are hoping to release two more stories with Limitless. Currently we are trying to move more into the direction of writing thriller/mystery novels that have an element of romance mixed in.

I hope that you enjoyed the interview and hopefully now you have a new book to add to your To Read list! Thank Taylor and Sara for joining me on the blog, and good luck in your writing!! 

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