Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Review ~ Panic (Flaw Series #2) by Ryan Ringbloom


Title: Panic (Flaw Series #2) 
Author: Ryan Ringbloom
Release Date: May 7th 2014
Published By: Ryan Ringbloom
Page Amount: 416 Pages, Paperback

GoodReads Blurb: 
There are always two stories.

Robin fell in love with Kent, the boy next door, a long time ago. Once their romance is rekindled, getting married and starting a family seems like the obvious next step. But fate throws a wrench in that plan. Now Robin is tempted to walk away from their relationship rather than settle for anything less than perfect with the man she loves. 

Bailey is certainly not the boy next door, yet Shayna fell for his well-played act. But real love only exists in the movies. When a chance encounter binds them together, Shayna finds herself relying on Bailey more than she could ever have expected. And while their resources are slim and their circumstances are far from perfect, she and Bailey slowly discover that they do have something special to give…. 

When things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s hard not to PANIC. 

MATURE CONTENT Strong Language/Sexual situation

I can't believe that I read this book in August. I am really behind on my reviews. 

I loved seeing all of the characters from Fast come back in the first half of this book. Especially after that ending in Fast. And from reading Fast I already knew the characters pretty well so it was like seeing old friends after a long time. I laughed aloud at some things that were just so "them", it was great. 

I feel as if this is the type of the story where I can't reveal very much of the plot to you. It's better to go into it not knowing. But I really enjoyed this book a lot. I liked all of the characters and could understand them all. I liked seeing the romances in the story. And the way that the two stories come together at the end was truly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. This is definitely one not to be missed. 

4.5 stars! 

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