Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Three Year Blog Anniversary is Coming Up Next Week!!

On November 27th I will have had this blog for three years! I've been successfully keeping up a blog for three years, I can't believe it! So this year I'm deciding to do a giveaway. I've gotten some friends to donate prizes for this year. On the list is: 

Ryan Ringbloom - a $10 Amazon giftcard

Cindy Ray Hale - an e-copy of her book Destiny 

Theresa Troutman - an e-copy of her book Life's What You Make It 

Trisha Wolfe - e-copies of both books in her Living Heartwood Series, The Darkest Part and Losing Track 

Jennifer Weiser - to be determined 

DottieJewelry - an earring and pendant set (photo to come) 

Me, Amanda Leigh - a pack of notecards with my original photography on it and some other various swag items. 

I haven't decided yet if I'm giving away everything to one person or if I'm going to break up the prizes into smaller prize packs. The giveaway is on Wednesday the 27th so stay tuned for when it comes up!! :) 

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