Friday, April 5, 2013

Late Promo Post for The Exemus by Folami Morris and Abeni Morris


The greatest writers make the art of writing look easy. Their stories come together seamlessly, as though Rumplestiltskin or little fairies were working behind the scenes. You can always expect their characters to be three-dimensional and well developed.  A novel from these individuals is always worth its weight in gold, because without any aid these artists weave a web of magic that speaks to the spirit and elevates the soul.

I however don’t have access to that fairy dust, so in order for our book to come together we had to use mortal magic: music. Music was such an integral part of our writing, because good music has the ability to transport you anywhere, to make the loneliest person feel loved, and to inspire the least creative people.

We used music to help us feel the depression Dephon feels growing up in a dystopian society.  Music helped us to create the love between Hyalee and Singleton. Our favorite songs when we wrote about them was Stand By Me and When a Man Loves a Woman, oldies but goodies that seemed really appropriate when writing about those two.

Below is our playlist for when we wrote the book. And yes there is a lot of Micheal Jackson, he died during that time and we spent a lot of time reminiscing over his career.

             Blame It on the Boogie by Michael Jackson

            Obsessed by Mariah Carey

            Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

            Halo by Beyonce

            Billy Jean by Michael Jackson

            Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson

            Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

            The Climb by Miley Cyrus

            The Potential Breakup Song by AJ and Ally

            He Could Be the One by Miley Cyrus

            Stand by Me by Ben E. King

            Run this Town by Rihanna and Jay Z

            Russian Roulettte by Rihanna

            Disturbia by Rihanna

            Do You by Ne-Yo

            When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge

            Supermassive Blackhole by Muse

            Full Moon by the BlackGhosts

            Knock You Down by Keri Hilson

            Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

            Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

            She Wolf by Shakira

            Waiting on The World to Change by John Mayer

            Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson

            Will You Be There by Michael Jackson"

<3 Amanda Leigh

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