Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top 10 Books of 2012

I did this last year -compiling a list of my favorite books of the year- and had so much fun doing it. So I'm going to do it again. This year I read some more I'm proud to say. I'm not going to include my book because hey, I wrote it lol. Without further adieu, here it is. My top 10 books of 2012.

1. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins\
2. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins
3. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins
4. Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder
5. territories of folding by T.C. Tolbert
6. Poem by Emily Bronte
7. Jane Austen on Love and Romance by Jane Austen, edited by Constance Moore
8. Timelesss (Transcend Time Saga #3) by Michelle Madow
9. Remembrance (Transcend Time Saga #1) by Michelle Madow
10. Vengeance (Transcend Time Saga #2) by Michelle Madow
So, that is my list. In order too, that was hard! But I did it! I completed my reading challenge too! What about you guys? Did you finish your challenges? Did you read any of these? any make your list? Let me know! I'll be updating more soon!!! Happy New Year!! :)
<3 Amanda Leigh

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